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Concise Handbook of Civil Engineering, 2/e | Buy Book World Concise Handbook of Civil Engineering, 2/e – Buy Book World
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Concise Handbook of Civil Engineering, 2/e

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Concise Handbook of Civil Engineering


* This concise handbook indicates that it focuses on the fundamental concepts and laws of electronic engineering.For detailed information,the reader way consult and literature cited in the bibliography.

* It offers a new and refreshing approach to the subject emphasizing basic physical concepts and mathematical results along with their interpretation without entering into lengthy derivations.Simple analogies are drawn from everyday lifw to family instil the concepts.

* End?of chapter discussions and problems help in arousing reader’s interest and consolidating knowledge.they form an integral part of subject development and must be attempted to acquire competence and understanding.

* One of the main developments in the teaching of electronics and electricity has been the widespread availability of sophisticated computer software and its adoption by educational institutions.Such software packages are cited in the bibliography wherever applicable.

* The concise handbook is useful for understanding the subject ,for quick revision and as a frequent reference companion.

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More Information

  • Book Condition : New
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Publisher : S. Chand Publishing
  • Author : S P Chandola & V N Vazirani
  • ISBN : 9.78812E 12
  • Year : 2013